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Madden Myers Team

Many people think about selling their home, but are worried that the timing may not be right, because there are too many homes on the market or prices have declined, or they just arent ready. Houses in Kansas City are selling at a pace not seen since 2006 and were here to help! Call or e-mail any of our Team members.

My Neighborhood Report

The best way to know how homes are sell- ing in your area is to ask one of our team members  to prepare a My Neighborhood Report for you. My Neighborhood Report is an analysis of the facts and trends in your specific neighborhood. It includes an interactive map, details about each Active, Pending and Sold property. This report

gives you an accurate picture of the market for homes in your neighborhood and can help you make an informed decision when you are thinking of selling.


I dont want to sell right now!

We understand. We can send you a new My Neighborhood Report every six months, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the market and decide when is the best time to sell. There is no charge for the report and no obligation. To request a report, call any of our Team members.


I may need to make some repairs before I sell

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money preparing their house for sale. Our team can help you decide what needs to be done to make your house marketable, enabling you to get the most value from your investment.

ven if youre not ready to sell, we can meet with you now to talk about the repairs and improvements you can make in the coming months, to prepare your home for sale. By making improvements now, you may enjoy the benefit of them while you live in your home. Then, when you are ready to sell,

you wont be facing those tasks.


I dont know whom to call to make repairs

Our breadth  and depth of experience enables us to recommend the right person for every job. Need wallpaper removed? Leaky faucet? Foundation or roof repair? We can suggest a reliable, reasonable resource to get the job done.


Staging your home
Making your home appealing to poten- tial buyers may mean putting away some personal items that distract from the home itself or rearranging the furniture to make

it appear more spacious. The goal is to let your home take center stage in the spot- light. We’ll give you our advice and even call in the professional stager we use to help you pull it together. Call any of our

team members  to discuss setting the stage.


Id like to downsize, but dont know where to begin

Our team has helped many seniors transition to a smaller home, condo or a retire- ment community. We’ll do as much or as little as you want by helping you find your new home, making repairs, assisting with selecting which items to move, sell or do- nate to charity, finding a mover and selling your home. We can handle everything to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible.


Im not sure where I want to move

The Madden-Myers team of Realtors® has all of the resources of the largest home selling company in the Metro. Looking for a 4-bedroom ranch with 3-car garage? Want a small house on a large lot? If you have a specific home type or subdivision youd like to move into, we can set up a program through our Home Match service that alerts you when a home that meets your specifications comes on the market. To set up a Home Match alert, contact any member of the Madden-Myers Team.


Curb Appeal
You come and go from your home every day, but how often do you take the time to stop and look at it from the aspect of a potential buyer? Try this – next time you approach your house, slow down and pretend youve never seen it before. Look at it critically and imagine yourself saying,

“I wonder why they havent trimmed those bushes?” or Why is that shutter sagging?”

oes the grass need WeednFeed?
ould a pot of flowers on the porch be more wel- coming than the dead mum from last fall? Taking care of the details can mean the dif- ference between selling your home quickly and settling for less than you want after it has lingered on the market for too long.


Damage from the drought

Homeowners who were not vigilant dur- ing the drought of 2012 may now have damaged foundations caused by soil that shrank as it dried out.  As the soil shrinks, the foundation shifts and moves, caus- ing cracks. In addition to the potential for leakage, floors become uneven, windows and doors dont operate properly and walls crack. While its too late to undo any damage that occurred last year, you may want to have your foundation inspected

for damage. Call one of the Madden-Myers team members  and we’ll recommend two or three foundation specialists for you to contact.


What about the landscape?

Now is the time to make landscape  improvements. Walk around your property and make a note of plants and shrubs that need to be pruned or replaced.  The land- scape features that added so much value to your home will decrease its value if your yard has diseased or dead plants.  If youd like advice on improving your landscape,

call any member of our Team and we’ll give you our suggestions and the names of two or three professional landscapers, if you need them.